Aged Beef

Every once in a while, we throw a party. I’ve only been a part of one—New Years Eve, 2008—but I loved every minute of it and have been looking forward to my next one since then.

I designed the invitation for the New Years party, and it was a hit. A traditional design contrasted with some barely offensive text on the inside. We even got them printed, but the majority of people just saw them on the email we sent out.

I was excited about making the invite for Corinna’s party, which is a college theme. I just realized it’s awfully close to her “Animal House” theme of September 2008, but whatever. I don’t think we’ll get any complaints.


I had the idea of constructing the type with the quinticential frat party staple: party cups. Since we have a window looking out on our patio (where most party attendees usually hang out) I thought it would be the perfect place for my party cup type.  The lighting was exactly what I was hoping for, and I had a ton of fun laying out the cups. I love doing this shit.

5 Responses to “Aged Beef”

  1. jabberwokkez

    can’t wait to game my game face on for this one
    only prob not drinking still
    God is Grood

  2. Corinna

    Of course you love doing this shit, Jame. Because you are THE BEST!

    PS. Animal House was WAY different. It was more about animals than house. This pardy is more about house.

  3. Adam

    love it.

    great work james!

  4. Justin David Cox

    this is amazing! you did with cups what most designers struggle to do with the adobe suite

  5. admin

    Thanks Justin David Cox. Now that I look back on this a few months after making it, the type up top is really bothering me. Maybe I’ll fix it for no good reason.