Frawg Face AKA Evan Barret AKA BIGHack

evanTook me a while to find a good one of Evan, but I think this does a good job. Not bad of Hayley either.

Ever since I met Evan, I knew he had some special hidden talent that would expose itself in time. His affinity for Goodwill hats and disregard for appropriate behavior gave birth to the thought of an secret genius lurking beneath the facade of novelty tees and stained sweatpants.

I’m happy to announce that Evan’s brilliant mind has been up to some good use as of lateā€”in the form of some seriously raw beats and rhymes to match.

Despite the two minutes of silence at the end of this track, his producing skills are very impressive, and though I’ve never been really interested in fast rapping, he can rap pretty fast. So that’s cool, if you’re into that sort of thing.

What I’m most interested to see with Frawg Face’s development as an artist is a more truthful representation of his natural charisma charm personality in his music. It’s tough to be as original as you think you are, or want to be, but ironically, BIGHack is well on his way.

Here’s “Promuzac.”

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One Response to “Frawg Face AKA Evan Barret AKA BIGHack”

  1. Brandon

    A beautiful song, from a beautiful man.