Danapalooza ‘9

On Sunday, I finished the invitations for Danapalooza 2009. The invited consisted of one main poster, and 4 mini posters. I guess these aren’t posters so much as Facebook fliers, but who is ever proud of designing a facebook flier? No one, except me, last year.

Here are the sketches. How many Matt Kats does it take to make a poster? Ten.


And here are the posters. Why have one when you can have five? The facebook flier medium is kind of funny because you can’t really have the same contrast in hierarchy that you can have with an 18" × 24" poster, but you can have about 2 solid levels. Obviously, the main poster has a bunch of crap all over—mostly inside jokes for friends—but the others stick to mostly two levels of information.

This project was probably the second most fun project I’ve ever worked on, right after Aged Beef. The only slap in the face was when Facebook applied it’s gross jpeg compression. Oh well, just a transient problem that I’m thankful my kids won’t have to deal with. I think the main poster, the fireworks one, and the swimming one are the strongest, but even the BBQ and hot dog contest were fun to make. My favorite part is probably Matt’s eyelashes.
Plenty of time for stupid projects and epic parties is the biggest benefit of summer.


Dana wrote an article on her blog Life is Such an Adventure thanking me for the work I did! It was truly a labor of love, but everyone appreciates a thank you. Her blog is password protected, so for the Jamilo Pitts readers that aren LISAA readers, here is an excerpt from her post “James, YOURE THE FUCKING BOMB.”

Dearest James,

First off I’m in tears. And B, I’m in hysterics! Everything is beautiful. The witty minimalism, the amazing fonts, the orange, white, light blue, and black color scheme. It is absolutely fantastic. And I thought I couldn’t get any more excited!

I love you. We really don’t say it enough.



This is why I love doing work for friends. They appreciate it so much. Nothing more fulfilling than that.

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