On Religion

Every once in a while, I get in a small discussion about religion with my dear friend and devout Christian, Brad Wrage. I know what you’re thinking, arguing with Brad about taking the bible literally, is like saying the sky isn’t blue, or telling my brother Cameron to get to work—it’s not going to get anyone anywhere—so that’s why we always keeps these talks short.
Brad sent me a link to a YouTube video of a debate about the existence of Satan. In the Nightline special (which was only mildly interesting, but I watched the whole ten parts), there is a host, and a panel of four, featuring Annie Lobert, a born again ex-hooker who was raped by demons, Pastor Mark Driscoll, your typical Grace Bibel youth group leader, Deepak Chopra, and Bishop (why are Bishops always black?) Carlton Pearson, who stopped beleiving in hell even after a successful career as an exorcist. He was also featured on a great episode of This American Life a few months back.
These days, I give very little thought to spirituality or religion—I always thought I was just fine without it—and after watching this special, I feel pretty much the same, but Deepak had some really interesting things to say.
In his argument, DeeChops said that there are about 20-30 wars going on in the world right now, and most of them have religion at the core of their cause. He says, “I think religions are obsolete. They are divisive, quarrelsome, idiotic.” I like that, but my favorite part was, “I search for people who are searching for the answers. I run from the people who think they have found them.” Thats good.

3 Responses to “On Religion”

  1. Danish

    Isn’t D-pac some spiritual bro? In my mind that’s even dumber than organized religion. “Spirituality” or “looking for answers” is just being superstitious without the benefits of community and ritual.

  2. Brad Wrage

    haha, well at least you thought it was entertaining, and I like how you talked about our unspoken agreement about keeping these conversations short. At the point where we know it’s not going anywhere is when you are I might say “ahh, Conan is on!!”

  3. admin

    @Danish: I think D-pac’s point, which in my opinion is a good one, is that the community aspect of religion is what gets people into trouble. I don’t think it’s accurate that “looking for answers” is being superstitious. D-pac is a doctor after all.

    @Brad: Conan is so good. On last night’s episode, he brought out one of my heroes, Tonight Show graphic designer Pierre Bernard.