Recently, while Dana, Juan, Matt, and Beth were visiting, we got a tour of Pixar from Grace, who has been working there for a few months.
The tour was excellent. It looks like an incredible place to work. Everyone seems pretty happy—especially the receptionist—and the environment is really well maintained, well designed, and always features artwork from the latest film.

The security is tight, you can’t just walk in, and you need to be on someone’s list. The gatekeeper gave me this.


Now I know these things always look like shit, but come on, if you’re Pixar, you have better resources than that.

Just for fun, I redesigned it. I noticed a ton of Pixar stuff uses Futura and Neutraface, and the other text on the visitor badge was set in Jenson. All these would be excellent choices, so it breaks my heart to see a low-res bitmapped Helvetica wannabe in such close proximity to the Pixar logo.


Special thanks to Grace for a wonderful tour, which was worlds better than the stickers we wore while we were on it. We got to see pre-production art from Up, which you can see some of on Lou Romano’s blog. I told Dana I’d remember the tour my entire life, and I will.

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