Fond Mems from Summer 09


This is one of my favorites from the summer. Even though later that night Dana and I got into a fight about Matt’s sexuality (I was on Bethany’s side), I will still think of this night as a fond mem. I don’t know if we were drinking Time Travel Juice (the only indication that anyone ever did is photographic evidence, obviously), but in any case, we should have been.

This gets me thinking about my friends that are gone now. I miss those little faggots. But if all goes as planned, I’ll see them for Christmas.

4 Responses to “Fond Mems from Summer 09”

  1. mk

    i miss your kiss

  2. juanito

    def. time travelin jooze. pre puke of course.

  3. juanito

    p.s i miss your kiss MORE.

  4. Dana

    As always, thanks for the shout out, ass hat.