Dinner Chat is Back

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Once upon a time my good friend and roommate Brad Wrage and I had a podcast on which we covered a diverse range of topics and broadcast them to our myriad listeners. We recorded approximately 13 episodes and a few unreleased, secret, and not ready for prime time ones that never graced the ears of our beloved fans.

It was a huge success, but like all good things it sadly came to an end. I moved away, and Brad was left to man the cast on his own. Naturally he gave up on that job before he started. But after over a 2 year hiatus, Dinner Chat is Back, and better than ever. Well, maybe just as good or slightly worse than ever. But the point is, we brought something back from the dead here people.

In this episode we talk about poop for 30 minutes. Jk y’all, we cover more important things, mostly important issues like racism, and what we’re doing to maintain it in white circles.

4 Responses to “Dinner Chat is Back”

  1. Brad

    Really stoked on getting back into it.

  2. James Edmondson

    Me too Brad. I talked to CPenis, a long time friend of the show today. She said that she likes to listen to the podcast while she makes herself dinner. I thought that was pretty cool. How do you enjoy the podcast?

  3. Courtney

    I made dinner with no podcast tonight. Not ok.

  4. James Edmondson

    Don’t worry Crimer, more eps from Volume II are on the way.