Christmas 2009 in Tahoe

This video will play best if you click play, then pause, and wait a few minutes to let it load.

Brad isn’t too steady with his Flip, and I spent the entire trip phasing in and out of drunkenness and survival mode, but we somhow managed to capture some moving moments. “Moving” as in “moving pictures.” Nothing in this video will pull on your heartstrings, but it’ll definitely grab your scrote. Enjoy!

5 Responses to “Christmas 2009 in Tahoe”

  1. Corinna

    Excellent song choice, Jamilo Pittstain.

  2. danaisrad


    I’m sorry, I’m a bad sport.

  3. James Edmondson

    No Dana, I’M sorry.

  4. courtney

    Dana is a bitch

  5. M.J.

    why did you name your site jamilo pitts? you are from San Luis Obispo correct? Obviously not coincidental then that the real Jamilo Pitts grew up in San Luis Obispo. He is a very good friend of mine. Kinda creepy that you would use his name. WEIRD!