Comedy on the horizon

In an effort to make the most of my summer and get some weird stories, I’ll be trying my hand at comedy this summer. It will most likely come in the form of open mic stand up and skits, but I remain open to new mediums and cutting edge opportunities. For instance, long time friend and devout Christian (Bale fan) Brad has run into problems with some of the coworkers sharing his bathrooms. He put up a sign informing the perpetrators of the correct behavior. My graphic design background led to the creation of a much more typographically refined print out that he’ll put up tomorrow. There is a good chance I could spend the next three weeks producing beautifully crafted and janitor approved signs providing Brad the means to adorn his shared bathroom with literature to inform the boog wipers, floor pissers, and snot shooters.

My jokes for stand up have been getting worse and worse and I’m looking forward to performing them and grooming my routine until I have a tight five minutes. This could take years, but all I really have is three months, so I’ll try and cut corners wherever possible. My brother Cameron always talks about how hard comedy is, and he’s the funniest guy I know. For me, comedy will likely be as hard as it is for Cameron to imagine himself working at a real job. Unemployment zing!

I have a few ideas for ideas for sketches but they mostly revolve around me trying to find some peace of mind in the sea of superficial lust and fast women that is Los Angeles. Art imitates life I guess. Oh, and I have one about a DJ famous for his hand dancing.

As usual, I’ll be designing the Danapalooza poster for 2010. The 2009 version was a success and in some way informed many of the projects I did at school. I’m hoping the 2010 version will set a high bar for the rest of my work this year.

In other news, I could be moving out of my mom’s house in two months. The women of San Francisco have not been the same without me.

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