Bliss Bar

This was my second time going on stage. I was pretty nervous, went on stage with my notes, messed up on a couple jokes, and a lot didn’t hit at all. Cameron was making fart sounds and slow clapping from the audience. Mark of a real pro.

In the next weeks I’m going to be working on going up without notes, and more involvement with the audience. I went up last night at SF State with no notes and I forgot to tell about three jokes. I’m thinking about the stuff that I really want to talk about. I’m not going to do my facebook joke anymore because 1) facebook jokes are by and large pretty tired, and 2) I don’t think it’s funny anyways. Cameron’s friend Conrad brought up a good point about finding unusual topics. He said my sit com walls joke was good because it’s not something people talk about. But if you tell a facebook joke, it better be the best facebook joke ever.

The nerves aren’t paralyzing, but I’m far from comfortable. Cameron’s set at SF State involved zero written material, and he got consistent laughs. I’d love to be able to get to that stage. Later turds.

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