Danapalooza 2010

My commentary on the lack spotty attendance of Danapalooza 2010, and a nod to Dana’s affinity for Nerds (candies).

4 Responses to “Danapalooza 2010”

  1. stella, a fan

    how did you do this? i heard its a reference to gthompson.

  2. James Edmondson

    I did it by laying out Nerds one by one. Sometime two or three at a time. It is sort of in reference to gthompson, but there are a lot of nerds not coming for selfish and stupid reasons. Grace is just one of them. It is so like her to assume it all about her.

  3. Dana

    A reference to gthompson? I’m confused.

  4. Dana

    Also, I forgot to ask you- did you eat these after?