Dinner Chat is Back


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Once upon a time my good friend and roommate Brad Wrage and I had a podcast on which we covered a diverse range of topics and broadcast them to our myriad listeners. We recorded approximately 13 episodes and a few unreleased, secret, and not ready for prime time ones that never graced the ears of our beloved fans.

It was a huge success, but like all good things it sadly came to an end. I moved away, and Brad was left to man the cast on his own. Naturally he gave up on that job before he started. But after over a 2 year hiatus, Dinner Chat is Back, and better than ever. Well, maybe just as good or slightly worse than ever. But the point is, we brought something back from the dead here people.

In this episode we talk about poop for 30 minutes. Jk y’all, we cover more important things, mostly important issues like racism, and what we’re doing to maintain it in white circles.

Fond Mems from Summer 09


This is one of my favorites from the summer. Even though later that night Dana and I got into a fight about Matt’s sexuality (I was on Bethany’s side), I will still think of this night as a fond mem. I don’t know if we were drinking Time Travel Juice (the only indication that anyone ever did is photographic evidence, obviously), but in any case, we should have been.

This gets me thinking about my friends that are gone now. I miss those little faggots. But if all goes as planned, I’ll see them for Christmas.

Guess who designed the Chupa Chups logo


So I read this morning on It’s Nice That about this little fun fact. Dude could draw some type! My favorite fine artist just became my favorite typographer. Not really.

Two Dudes


Two dudes is the hit single off Frawg Face’s second album (of the summer) entitled Fuck Yeada. I wrote about Frawg Face here a little while ago—before the release of his first album, Epic Adventure.

Two Dudes was a multimedia release—song and video. Tonight, I decided I wanted to design a record sleeve for it. I’ve never designed one before, and I like doing gay shit.

Here is a closeup on the type. Scriptish caps? Why not?

Check the vid.

Thank you Jamie and Joe Green


This has probably been my best freelance project to date. Jamie got in contact with me after seeing my Aged Beef invite. She wanted something interesting and fun for the thank you notes for her baby shower. This was a fun and memorable project for me for a lot of uninteresting reasons, but the deal sealer on this project was the print budget. Letterpress y’all. Joel over at Dependable Letterpress did a real bang up job.

Jamie and Joe’s babes are referred to as “Green Beans” due to their surname and their affinity for organic produce. The idea was to combine the style of those old signs while maintaining some fun handmade details.

I started with a really rough sketch that Jamie and Joe picked out from handful of choices.

Then I sketched it out, and cut up an eff load of colored paper—excuse me—African American paper. I lit it and took a bunch of pics.

After deciding I was not feeling a four-color offset job for this, I decided to do a simple two-color print, but this meant some tracing.

I picked out some loose color ideas, and Jamie punched it up a bit in her final choices.

This shit was the bomb. I hope I can do more projects like these as I get better. This got printed a little later than what I wanted. Lesson to learn there is to plan out the project ahead of time, and okay the schedule with the client. Her birth announcements (babies are due in October) should go smoother. I am honored to be a part of welcoming those babies into the this god forsaken world.



Recently, while Dana, Juan, Matt, and Beth were visiting, we got a tour of Pixar from Grace, who has been working there for a few months.
The tour was excellent. It looks like an incredible place to work. Everyone seems pretty happy—especially the receptionist—and the environment is really well maintained, well designed, and always features artwork from the latest film.

The security is tight, you can’t just walk in, and you need to be on someone’s list. The gatekeeper gave me this.


Now I know these things always look like shit, but come on, if you’re Pixar, you have better resources than that.

Just for fun, I redesigned it. I noticed a ton of Pixar stuff uses Futura and Neutraface, and the other text on the visitor badge was set in Jenson. All these would be excellent choices, so it breaks my heart to see a low-res bitmapped Helvetica wannabe in such close proximity to the Pixar logo.


Special thanks to Grace for a wonderful tour, which was worlds better than the stickers we wore while we were on it. We got to see pre-production art from Up, which you can see some of on Lou Romano’s blog. I told Dana I’d remember the tour my entire life, and I will.

Fashion File: George R. Edmondson

Next, we have the Blue Tooth headset and neck lanyard. This is a great accessory for anyone who is technologically aspirational and borderline retarded.

My brother Cam wrote a hilarious article about my dad on his website cameronedmondson.com. This is almost as funny as his post about me.

Cam is clearly a genius, and is spending his unemployed lifestyle very well.

Put this in your reader, dummy.

On Religion


Every once in a while, I get in a small discussion about religion with my dear friend and devout Christian, Brad Wrage. I know what you’re thinking, arguing with Brad about taking the bible literally, is like saying the sky isn’t blue, or telling my brother Cameron to get to work—it’s not going to get anyone anywhere—so that’s why we always keeps these talks short.
Brad sent me a link to a YouTube video of a debate about the existence of Satan. In the Nightline special (which was only mildly interesting, but I watched the whole ten parts), there is a host, and a panel of four, featuring Annie Lobert, a born again ex-hooker who was raped by demons, Pastor Mark Driscoll, your typical Grace Bibel youth group leader, Deepak Chopra, and Bishop (why are Bishops always black?) Carlton Pearson, who stopped beleiving in hell even after a successful career as an exorcist. He was also featured on a great episode of This American Life a few months back.
These days, I give very little thought to spirituality or religion—I always thought I was just fine without it—and after watching this special, I feel pretty much the same, but Deepak had some really interesting things to say.
In his argument, DeeChops said that there are about 20-30 wars going on in the world right now, and most of them have religion at the core of their cause. He says, “I think religions are obsolete. They are divisive, quarrelsome, idiotic.” I like that, but my favorite part was, “I search for people who are searching for the answers. I run from the people who think they have found them.” Thats good.

Danapalooza ‘9


On Sunday, I finished the invitations for Danapalooza 2009. The invited consisted of one main poster, and 4 mini posters. I guess these aren’t posters so much as Facebook fliers, but who is ever proud of designing a facebook flier? No one, except me, last year.

Here are the sketches. How many Matt Kats does it take to make a poster? Ten.


And here are the posters. Why have one when you can have five? The facebook flier medium is kind of funny because you can’t really have the same contrast in hierarchy that you can have with an 18" × 24" poster, but you can have about 2 solid levels. Obviously, the main poster has a bunch of crap all over—mostly inside jokes for friends—but the others stick to mostly two levels of information.

This project was probably the second most fun project I’ve ever worked on, right after Aged Beef. The only slap in the face was when Facebook applied it’s gross jpeg compression. Oh well, just a transient problem that I’m thankful my kids won’t have to deal with. I think the main poster, the fireworks one, and the swimming one are the strongest, but even the BBQ and hot dog contest were fun to make. My favorite part is probably Matt’s eyelashes.
Plenty of time for stupid projects and epic parties is the biggest benefit of summer.


Dana wrote an article on her blog Life is Such an Adventure thanking me for the work I did! It was truly a labor of love, but everyone appreciates a thank you. Her blog is password protected, so for the Jamilo Pitts readers that aren LISAA readers, here is an excerpt from her post “James, YOURE THE FUCKING BOMB.”

Dearest James,

First off I’m in tears. And B, I’m in hysterics! Everything is beautiful. The witty minimalism, the amazing fonts, the orange, white, light blue, and black color scheme. It is absolutely fantastic. And I thought I couldn’t get any more excited!

I love you. We really don’t say it enough.



This is why I love doing work for friends. They appreciate it so much. Nothing more fulfilling than that.

Frawg Face AKA Evan Barret AKA BIGHack

evanTook me a while to find a good one of Evan, but I think this does a good job. Not bad of Hayley either.

Ever since I met Evan, I knew he had some special hidden talent that would expose itself in time. His affinity for Goodwill hats and disregard for appropriate behavior gave birth to the thought of an secret genius lurking beneath the facade of novelty tees and stained sweatpants.

I’m happy to announce that Evan’s brilliant mind has been up to some good use as of late—in the form of some seriously raw beats and rhymes to match.

Despite the two minutes of silence at the end of this track, his producing skills are very impressive, and though I’ve never been really interested in fast rapping, he can rap pretty fast. So that’s cool, if you’re into that sort of thing.

What I’m most interested to see with Frawg Face’s development as an artist is a more truthful representation of his natural charisma charm personality in his music. It’s tough to be as original as you think you are, or want to be, but ironically, BIGHack is well on his way.

Here’s “Promuzac.”

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